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I <3 tachikomas, but I'm still trying to get my head wrapped around this edition of 'Tachikomatic Days.'

This story is crazy :o

"Yesterday the Examiner ran a story on Eddie House, a guy that, through concern over the environment, managed to reduce his household waste to next to nothing through recycling, giving scraps to his dog, etc. Where it gets screwy is that the local refuse collection service has now sued Mr. House for no longer requiring their services."
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[Racist] Woman Chases Kids With Samurai Sword

Original link: The Denver Channel

Amanda Jane Darling Harris, 21, allegedly chased the children, aged 9 to 15, with an 18-inch samurai sword because they were playing in a parking lot of the Villa apartments, according to a police report.

Holy shit! Crazy comes in all colors, sizes... and apparently sometimes wields a samurai sword O_O Some of the 'highlights' of what she shouted:

"If you're scared, then you're guilty."

"little f****ing wetbacks"

One boy said Harris grabbed him and held the sword to his throat, telling him he "needed to stop causing her problems."
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Suspicious name for an MP3 player...

Trekstor has a new MP3 player. It "weighs in at just 26-grams and features a 1.3-inch 160 x 128 resolution display, MP3 / WMA / OGG / WAV / SMV file support, a built-in FM tuner, line-in port, a rechargeable Li-ion, and USB connectivity." It also comes in 4gb and 8gb models... and its name is i.Beat Blaxx.


This is the worst way to die. Ever.


A man who lived in his own “zoo” of lizards and insects was fatally bitten by a pet black widow spider — then eaten by the other creepy-crawlies.

Police broke in to Mark Voegel’s apartment to find spider Bettina along with 200 others, several snakes, a gecko lizard called Helmut and several thousand termites had gorged on his body.

Neighbours alerted police after becoming alarmed by the stink.

And horrified officers were met by a nightmare scene.

A police spokesman said: “It was like a horror movie. His corpse was over the sofa.

“Giant webs draped him, spiders were all over him. They were coming out of his nose and his mouth.

“There was everything there one could imagine in the world of reptiles.

“Larger pieces of flesh torn off by the lizards were scooped up and taken back to the webs of tarantulas and other bird-eating spiders.”
GTFO My Lawn



LOL, sorry I haven't posted. Didn't I say once before that I was going to resurrect this thing? IN ANY CASE, I WAS BEING KILLED BY SCHOOL AND SHINGLES, SO THERE.

But now, I have some funnies.

Modeled after the really quite scary "Unfunny Truth About Scientology", we get this drunken gem: The Un-Funny Truth About Kramer. PLZ TO NOTE THAT IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING.

These are the same exact blenders that we use at Starbucks: YES, BUT WILL IT BLEND? I now know that I can put shit like golf balls and beer bottles into the blenders at work. YOU WANT A FRAPPUCCINO? I'LL GIVE YOU A FRAPPUCCINO, BITCH!

Thanks a lot, Sony!: Honey, where's the camera?

This, my friends, is quite possibly the most awesome statue EVAR (in a park in Oslo, Norway):

Dude's got the right idea.

And finally, even though I posted it a while back on my personal journal, I have to post it here as well: Resident Evil 4 Vs. Kingdom Hearts 2, as described by MC Chris. I saw MC Chris live a few weeks ago and he did this skit live (without the retarded misspellings, yay!) was goddamned hilarious.

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